Rebecca and Greg have five cats who keep them entertained on a daily basis. When Rebecca and Greg started dating, they both had two cats. The Panthers, Franklin and Charlotte, came with Rebecca. The Tigers, Aurora and Nox (littermates), came with Greg. They adopted a little Lion, Bacchus,  after moving from their cramped townhouse to their house in Naperville. Lots of kitty photos on Bacchus’ Instagram. Rebecca and Greg have turned the sunroom in their house into a cat playroom. The cats love the towers and tunnels and toys, oh my! They love watching birds and squirrels in the yard.

Franklin was born around April 6, 2012. Rebecca adopted Franklin from Orphans of the Storm, a wonderful pet shelter in Deerfield, IL. Franklin is a lover, not a fighter. He loves to be curled up on someone’s lap, especially if he can snuggle under a blanket. He’s a pretty chill fella. He loves chasing The Red Dot, but doesn’t care much for cat treats.

Charlotte was born around April 27, 2012. She was born at Rebecca’s father’s farm. Charlotte is the Alpha of the group and she doesn’t let anyone forget it. She is the most talkative cat on the face of the Earth (she doesn’t let you forget that, either). Charlotte is a people greeter – she is usually the first to say hello to guests (because she loves the attention and pets) and she likes to hang around people during game days at the house. She loves kicker toys, won’t deign to use the treat dispenser toy, and likes to watch other cats chase The Red Dot.

Aurora’s story coming soon!

Nox’s story coming soon!

Bacchus was born around March 27, 2017. He was adopted from a family friend’s farm because, at the time, he was a tiny little runt and suffered a really bad cold and it seemed he wasn’t going to survive farm life. Fast forward to now and he’s a healthy kitty – you’d never guess he was the runt of his litter! He love carrying toys around the house, putting toys in his water bowl, and opening cabinet doors. He is feisty when he plays and a lover when he cuddles. He enjoys getting baths from his older siblings.