Rebecca and Greg host game days at their home at least once per month for their gaming group, RNG Gaming. Rebecca wrote about how their game days are organized and posted some of the themed game menus they use on game days. 

Part of the gaming group recently started a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign that Greg is GMing. The current schedule is one Friday per month.

Rebecca’s Top 5 Games

  1. Dead of Winter
  2. Gloomhaven
  3. Mysterium
  4. Fantastiqa
  5. Thurn and Taxis

This is a list of my top games for various situations and, as with most lists like this, is subject to change. Order is random.

Greg’s Top 5 Games

  1. Arkham Horror
  2. Gloomhaven
  3. Dead of Winter
  4. Caverna: The Cave Farmers
  5. Nemo’s War

This list is not ordered and many other games switch in and out of my top 5 over time. Arkham Horror is joined by Eldrich Horror, Elder Signs, and Arkham Horror: TCG.

Their game collection is housed in their basement. Games are often played up on the main floor of the house because of the natural lighting and the Geek Chic table in the dining room (sadly the table couldn’t make it down the stairs to the basement when they moved!). Here’s a look at the basement:

Rebecca and Greg received their Geek Chic Emissary table as a wedding gift from Greg’s parents. A TON of gaming happens at this table. For almost a year and a half, a weekly Gloomhaven campaign lived in the table vault. This table is also where the D&D group meets.

Folklore: The Affliction
Firefly with ALLLLLL expansions
Dungeons & Dragons, prior to group arriving